Hey, my name is Nathan Vandenburg and I have been doing radio for about four years now!

I am originally from Stockbridge Michigan, I guess best known for our Underwater Robotics Team, and maybe even the Stockbridge Uncaged News Team!

Back in Stockbridge, we didn’t have any form of communication classes except for the Newspaper, and our Speech and Debate class, but for someone who’s interest is in radio broadcasting, that really all wasn’t for me! I did however join the Uncaged News Team in my senior year of High School with the title of Business Manger, meaning I handled the money, subscriptions and so on!

During my Freshmen year of High School I truly knew that broadcasting was what I wanted to do, so I contacted Mojo, from Mojo In The Morning in Detroit (WKQI), and asked if I could come in just to watch and see what they did at the radio station! Of course after I had this experience, it only boosted my interest in radio!

After I had done my visit with Mojo, I had called up my Grandpa who is also a bit of a radio guy himself, and he told me he had a small FM transmitter that I could use to broadcast out of my house! Of course I took the offer, and began my own small radio station that only I and maybe a few neighbors could here!

This is how I truly started to learn about radio, and all by myself as well!

During my senior year of High School my mom went in for an interview on a show called ‘The Coffee Break’ on LCC Radio 89.7 (WLNZ). Jack Robbins, a long time Lansing area radio DJ who had been the program director for 97.5 (WJIM-FM) back in the 70’s, and Karen Love who was a DJ at 99.1 (WFMK) as well as many other Lansing area stations through her career in radio, had my mom in for an interview. After the interview, she had told them about me and my interest in radio.

Surprisingly, they seemed interested in me, and had asked me to come in. Let me tell you, it was like being a kid in a candy store for me!

I was so interested in working, or at least volunteering at LCC Radio that High School seemed like a waist of time, until my mom suggested that I do a type of independent study up at LCC Radio, and that is where my story at LCC began!

During my senior year of high school, I came up to LCC Radio almost every day, getting to be on-air, and do things that I could possibly be doing in a real market radio station.

I was a little worried about working at LCC Radio because the music that they play was not really up my ally, but I eventually grew to like from the beginning of my summer in 2016, all the way up to the new year in 2017!



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